EverEdge Classic Cor-Ten - 5 m Pack

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Colour: Cor-Ten
Length: 1m
Depth: 125mm
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EverEdge Classic Cor-Ten EverEdge Classic Cor-Ten

EverEdge Classic Cor-Ten is a metal lawn edging which has been designed to keep lawns, paths, driveways, flower beds or other landscaped areas, neat and immaculate.

When it comes to borders for gardens, Cor-Ten is a highly attractive and practical solution. This unique product features a special steel-finish coating which weathers naturally and creates a rusty effect over time (approximately 1-2 months depending on rainfall).

Please note: The strength of the steel is not affected due to the rust sitting on top the metal, therefore protecting it against the elements.

Advisory: As EverEdge overlaps and interlocks, please remember to add 6% to your actual requirement - that is 6 cm per metre of EverEdge you use.

The installation of EverEdge can be made even easier with our Lawn Edging Irons.


  • Length - 1 metre lengths that come in a pack 5 x 1 m strips
  • Heights - 100 mm (4") and 125 mm (5") excludes spikes
  • Thickness - 1.6 mm

Easy to Install, No Maintenance

EverEdge is very easy to install. Once a neat edge has been created, the only tools you will need are a heavy hammer or mallet, a screwdriver and a block of wood. Ever Edge is engineered from 1.6 mm gauge galvanised mild steel, coated with corrosion-resistant black paint finish. So once it's installed, it's maintenance-free.

EverEdge Pins & Sleeves
To anchor EverEdge securely in poor ground conditions, use the
Pin & Sleeve System.


  1. It is important to form either a new edge or to re-cut your existing edge. This can be straight or curved.
  2. Place Ever Edge where required. Take a block of wood and place on top of the Ever Edge and hammer in to the ground to approximately 15 mm below your cut grass level. Curve or bend Ever Edge as required.
  3. Link Ever Edge by locking on to the previous piece. There is also a tongue below the locking piece which should be pushed through the hole with a screwdriver.

EverEdge Classic

For further information on EverEdge Cor-Ten, please contact a member of the sales team on 01952 897917

Find more information in our guide How To Install Lawn Edging

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