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  • Sycamore tree

    Sycamore Poisoning in Horses - Equine Atypical Myopathy

    Equine Atypical Myopathy, EAM, is also known as "Sycamore poisoning" in horses. EAM is a potentially fatal disease of horses caused by the horse eating young Sycamore seedlings or, in the autumn, the seeds themselves.

    By John Handley in News

  • Taunton School experience great results from Lebanon ProScape 20-0-5 Fertiliser

    Mark Jolliffe is Head Groundsman at Taunton School. Mark and his team of six are responsible for looking after fourteen hectares of sports fields and formal gardens. After discussing his requirements with ALS Technical Regional Sales Manager Ray Hunt last spring, Mark opted to use Lebanon ProScape 20-0-5 for the first time on his outfield areas and pitches.

    By Ray Hunt in News

  • Newly formulated dew dispersant - H2Pro DewSmart by ICL

    H2Pro DewSmart is a newly formulated dew dispersant product for turf grass areas. It is designed to prevent or reduce the formation of dew on the plant leaf. The formulation contains specifically selected sticking and spreading surfactants that bond to the leaf surface and prevent moisture droplets from forming.

    By James Grundy in News

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ALS Mission Statement

ALS is dedicated to bringing you quality products, services and supplies for your landscape, horticulture and turf maintenance requirements.

We are the main UK distributors of for a number of leading landscaping, horticulture and amenity companies such as Bayer Environmental Science, Syngenta, Limagrain, Johnsons, LebanonTurf, Everris, Headland, Everedge, Rainbow Professional and numerous others.

Our product range includes Moss Killers, Insecticides, Fertilisers, Growth Regulators, Wetting Agents, Fungicides, Herbicides, Weed Control and many more.

In addition we have a number of exclusive products and services such as the Rubberloc range of rubber tree ties and blocks, the Maxwell plant nutrition range and our own LM seed selection.

We listen, value and improve on feedback received from our customers and appreciate you taking the time to complete Feefo’s independent and anonymous feedback of our service and products.

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Seasonal Products

We know that many products in the amenity sector are seasonal. Below we have selected some of our products, focusing on some of the best suited to this time of year.


ALS is the One Stop Shop for all your landscape, horticulture and sports turf maintenance supplies and products across the UK.

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Amenity Land Solutions have been supplying professional Landscape, Horticulture and Sports Turf products for over twenty-five years. We understand the importance of delivering market leading products at the lowest prices without compromising on excellent service. You'll find professional products, technical advice and a friendly reception with ALS.

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Disposable Spraying Overalls
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Disposable Spraying Overalls
Jewel Weed & Mosskiller 1.5kg
Buy 1 x Selected Weed Killer & Save 10% Off The Cooper Pegler CP15
Jewel Weed & Mosskiller 1.5kg