Bamboo Canes

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Option: 3 ft (90 cm) x 12-14 mm. Bale of 250
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Bamboo canes are used across the landscape industry and provide support to our range of Spiral Tree Guards and WhiptecBio Biodegradable Tree Guards.

Canes can also be used in the garden or any outdoor project to support plants and vegetables such as tomatoes, broad beans or garden netting.

Sizes in each pack will vary and smaller diameter canes can be doubled up to provide ideal support.

The bamboo canes are graded by diameter (mm) from the base. Method by weight is based in lb’s per 100 canes.

Size Options

  • 8-11 mm in bundles of 250
  • 12-14 mm in bundles of 250

For further information regarding Bamboo Canes or to discuss placing a bulk order, contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Find more information in our guide How To Choose the Right Tree Staking Method

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