Grass Reinforcement Mesh Standard

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Option: Green - 1 m x 10 m
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One of the best ways to ensure that grass remains aesthetically pleasing in high traffic areas is by using grass reinforcement mesh. This standard grass reinforcement mesh is the ideal product to protect grass against wear and tear and reinforce grass areas that are prone to rutting. Domestically, the product protects turf from pets and animals. Suitable for use on surfaces such as pedestrian pathways and garden turf, this grass protection mesh has been designed to limit the damage from animals such as small to medium sized dogs, cats, and free-range chickens. It is also suitable for reinforcing areas around climbing frames, garden swings and play areas  

Installation can be carried out all year round, but for best results consider applying the mesh in the spring and summer growing seasons. This enables the grass to grow, with the mesh providing structural support to the thatch and roots. The surface can then be utilised within a month.

As soon as the grass is through the mesh it can be mown but it is advisable to set the mower blades slightly higher just in case not all the mesh and pins are flush with the ground. If you are looking to protect, stabilise and reinforce your grass area over a long period of time, then this easy-to-install product is the solution.  


  • Available in green or black
  • UV Stabilised
  • Manufactured from recycled plastic
  • Slip-resistant structure
  • Fast to install and cost-effective
  • Grass grows through and intertwines with the mesh to create a strong surface

Available Products

Product Colour Width
Covered Area
Mesh Size
Pins Required
Grass Reinforcement Mesh Standard Green 1 10 10 25 x 25 4 460 50
Grass Reinforcement Mesh Standard Green 2 10 20 25 x 25 4 460 100
Grass Reinforcement Mesh Standard Black 2 30 60 25 x 25 4 460 150

The pins recommended for the reinforcement mesh products can be ordered separately on our Steel U-Pins page.

For further information regarding Grass Reinforcement Mesh Standard, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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