CC Hardwearing Lawns Grass Seed

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The popular brand of Cleencut grass seed mixtures consists of a leading range of blends and modern cultivars. Each mixture has been developed to perform in a wide range of turf and amenity situations.

CC Hardwearing Lawns Grass Seed consists of a mix of perennial ryegrass and creeping red fescue featuring the cultivars Esquire, Essence, and Maxima. Its main function is to produce a quality, strong, hardwearing lawn but it has also been designed to produce a great colour, a high level of tolerance to wear, and to provide excellent recovery.

Product summary

Sowing Rate (g/m2) Overseeding Rate (g/m2) Sowing Depth (mm) Mowing Height (mm) Bag Coverage (m2)
35 - 50 20 - 30 10 - 15 12 - 20 500 - 200


% Cultivar Species
25 Esquire Perennial ryegrass
25 Platinum Perennial ryegrass
50 Maxima Creeping red fescue
All cultivars chosen in this mixture are independently tested and rated for performance by the Sports Turf Research Institute.

*Cultivars are subject to availability, and may differ from that listed.

Directions for Use

When to Use

Application Window
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

How to Use

Prepare the ground
New seed bed Overseeding
Unwanted vegetation must be removed
Cultivate the soil to a depth of 150 mm removing stones and debris
Level, then firm the seedbed
Rake the surface to produce a fine tilth

    Grass cuttings should be cut as low as possible
    Remove the grass clippings
    Remove excess thatch to allow the seed to reach the soil surface
    If compacted, aerate the soil

      Provide water
      If there has been little rainfall, irrigate gently and slowly to fully wet through the soil profile
      Sow seed
      Sow seeds evenly using the correct sowing rate for the seed mix
      Press the seeds into the soil using a roller or the back of a rake to ensure good seed to soil contact
        Provide water
        Keep the soil surface moist but not wet until the seeds have germinated AND established
        Irrigate slowly and gently to avoid disturbing the seeds

          Disclaimer: Shortages of some varieties may occur occasionally. Therefore, we reserve the right to replace unavailable varieties with a suitable alternative. Any alteration to the mixture will be clearly shown on the bag label. Our standard terms and conditions of sale apply.

          For further information regarding this, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

          Find more information in our guide How To Germinate and Establish Grass Seed

          Technical Information

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