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Spiral Tree Guards (per 250)

SKU: 16550

Colour: Clear
Length: 60cm
Width: 38mm
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£105.48 inc. VAT
(minimum of 1)


Protects against rodents, sheep and deer, easy to fit and flexible offering excellent protection without endangering young shoots.

Spiral Tree Guards have become one of the most popular methods for protecting young trees and hedgerows. Offering excellent protection, they are easy and quick to install whilst being incredibly cost effective.

For a plastic-free alternative, please see our WhiptecBio Biodegradable Tree Guards

Spiral tree guards provide great protection against voles, rabbits and hares, who often feed on young trees and hedges. Without protection these young trees and hedges will not survive. We offer a range of spiral tree guards made from 100% recycled PVC, which if installed correctly should last for at least 4 growing seasons. As our guards are made from PVC, they can withstand high levels of UV light without being weakened, this prevents the guards collapsing around young trees in summer months leaving trees unprotected.

Important features of the spiral tree guard

  • Flexibility – flexibility is important to ensure the guard expands with the tree. If the guard became too tight you could run the risk of tree strangulation, rot or even disease.
  • Ventilation – it has been proven that ventilation holes help reduce mildew etc which can cause issues with growth.
  • We recommend that you support the spiral tree guard and plants with a Bamboo cane, this not only supports the young trees and hedges but supports the spiral tree guard too.

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Supplied in: boxes of 250.

Spiral Tree Guards are available in: 45cm x 38mm and 60cm x 38mm, also a choice of Clear or Brown

For further information regarding the spiral tree guards, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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