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Rates and Timings

Product Dose Rate Timing
Roundup ProActive 2 ml per stem
Either neat or as 10 ml of 20% solution
Apply to flowering stems from late summer through October for best results
Roundup ProVantage 1.5 ml per stem
Either neat or as 8 ml of 20% solution

The stem injection of hollow cane non-native plants is recognised as the most successful and ecologically sound herbicide application method. The patented Stem Injection tool has been specifically designed for herbicide application, and successfully tried and tested over a decade. Stem injection is controlled and specific to the target species, so the treatment can be completed in all weather conditions and near water with the relevant applicator licences.

How does it work?

A small, measured dose of herbicide is injected into each cane of the Japanese Knotweed infestation. This allows the herbicide to translocate throughout the roots and rhizome of the plant. When used on healthy, vibrant plants, one correctly applied treatment is sufficient to eradicate the infestation.

In the years since Stem Injection Systems (SIS) first launched its system, stem injection has become the most reliable, fit for purpose system for contractors and ground maintenance teams on more and more tender specifications.

Stem injection of herbicide continues to establish itself as one of the most popular and effective methods of treating non-native, invasive plants, despite a backdrop of continued uncertainty over the future use of glyphosate. Stem injection has continued to enhance its reputation as a most viable treatment method.

Contractor Pack


  • 1 x Stem Injection Tool
  • Canister
  • Calibration Phial
  • Standard Needle
  • Calibration Allen Key
  • Short Needle
  • Safety Holster Pack
  • Service Kit
  • Storage Box

Full Starter Pack


  • 1 x Stem Injection Tool
  • Canister
  • Calibration Phial
  • Standard Needle
  • Calibration Allen Key
  • Short Needle
  • Safety Holster Pack
  • Storage Box
  • Service Kit
  • Face Visor
  • Protective disposal suit
  • Knee Pads
  • Safety Wellington Boots
  • Nitrile Gloves (Pack of 5)

Heavy Duty Needle

The Heavy Duty Needle is manufactured with strengthened superior grade marine steel, and designed with the injection hole ¾ of the way down the needle. For use with Japanese Knotweed.

Cavity Needle

The Cavity Needle is a robust needle manufactured from marine grade steel. To be used for injecting into the cavity of hollow cane plants such as Giant Hogweed.

Shortened Needle

The shortened needle is manufactured from marine grade steel for durability for late season injections.

JK 1000 Injection Tool


  • 1 x Injection Tool
  • Canister
  • 303 Needle
  • Measuring Phial
  • Calibration Key

Service Pack


  • 2 x Silicone gel sachets for lubricating working parts
  • 2 x spare rubber seals
  • 2 x Springs
  • Lubricating oil

Tool Use and Care

  • The optimum time for injecting canes is June through first frost. Canes may split if injected prior to June.
  • For use in the UK, follow the Government and herbicide manufacturers requirements.
  • Connect the injection needle into the Quick disconnect only, when you are at the infestation site and ready to inject.
  • Inject canes that are three quarters of an inch or larger between 1st and 2nd node above root crown.
  • After using the JK Injection Tool, fill the cup with water and squirt until empty. Rinse and soak cap with water to clean out check valve. Failure to clean the 3 check valves used in the JK Injection Tool will prevent the tool from functioning and is not covered under the warranty.
  • When the JK Injection took is not in use, store the needle in the ml measuring tube to prevent physical injury.

Personal Safety

  • This product is designed only for specified purpose and manner of use outlined in the instructions. Any different manner or purpose of use, modification and/or alteration of the product should not be undertaken. A user who does so assumes all risk for his/her actions and the manufacturer disclaims responsibility from any and all harm arising from any such action.
  • Manufacturer disclaims responsibility from any illegal/harmful use by the buyer or a third party. Any product user should take reasonable steps to ensure product use is legal and that user's use will not cause harm to him or others.
  • Product must be used with extreme caution as injector system is sharp and can puncture or cut skin if used improperly. If skin is punctured, the herbicide may be injected into the skin resulting in serious bodily injury or death - seek immediate emergency care. (Manufacturer disclaims any responsibility for improper use of the product that can cause skin to be punctured, cut or scraped. Manufacturer disclaims any responsibility for delay in seeking emergency medical care by a user or third party who received a puncture, cut or scrape wound from the product.)
  • Always utilise safety precaution equipment when using the Japanese Knotweed Injector System. Such equipment includes: safety goggles, gloves, construction-type hard toed shoes, long trousers, long-sleeved shirts etc. (Manufacturer disclaims responsibility from any and all injury or harm resulting from lack of use of safety equipment or adequacy of any safety equipment used)
  • Product should not be accessible to minors, animals, or those who cannot use the product according to its instructions. Store in a safe place. (Manufacturer disclaims any and all injury or harm resulting from product not being stored in a safe place and/or being accessible to minors, animals, or those who cannot use the product according to its instructions.)
  • Product contains herbicide. Do not come into direct contact with the herbicide such as: ingesting, inhaling, touching, rubbing contaminated parts or materials into eyes etc., aim at people or animals, use in crowded or busy public places, store in easily accessible area, or fill injector system with anything other than the specified weed killing herbicide. (Manufacturer disclaims any and all injury or harm resulting from user coming into direct contact with the herbicide, the product being aimed at people or animals used in a crowded or busy public place, store in an easily accessible area or filled with anything other than the specified weed killing herbicide.)
  • Install needle in coupler with the hole pointing down.
  • Place the needle safely in the measuring tube between injecting sites and carrying it in the field.

For further information on Stem Injection Kits, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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188316 Contractor Pack Technical Information Sheet (PDF)
188317 Full Starter Pack Technical Information Sheet (PDF)
188319 JK 1000 Injection Tool Technical Information Sheet (PDF)

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