Rite-Edge Lawn Edging - Cor-Ten

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Length: 14.4m
Height: 150mm
Colour: Cor-Ten
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Rite-Edge is a long term, corrosion resistant solution to lawn border edges. Easy to install and saves hours. Extremely user-friendly, Rite-Edge is easy to install and can save hours of labour.  

The multi award-winning, well-built products have been designed and created by landscape architects and contractors who have a wealth of experience working with garden edging products.  

Due to the growing popularity of the rusty finish, there is now a Cor-Ten Steel option. The name Cor-Ten refers to the two distinguishing properties of this type of steel: corrosion resistance and tensile strength.

Rite-Edge can be used for the edging of various soft and hard landscaping materials. It offers a clean separation between garden beds, grass, paths and driveways, creating a pristine appearance and saving hours of maintenance time in your landscape or garden.

Please note: This unique product features a special steel-finish coating which weathers naturally and creates a rusty effect over time (approximately 1-2 months depending on rainfall). The product will have a metallic-finish on arrival which will then rust over time.

Product Benefits

The Rite-Edge design and product specifications result in an edge which is superior in terms of ease of installation, strength and safety.

  • Can be used on lawns, pathways, driveways, running trails – wherever an edging is required.
  • Can be shaped to create curves with circles being easily formed.
  • The orange-brown colour that Cor-Ten steel develops over time blends beautifully into all outdoor spaces. This rusty colour and texture goes well with stone, wood, plants, and other outdoor elements.
  • Due to the ease of the male-female joining system, the edge is easy and fast to install.
  • The edge is reinforced on 3 different points. Stakes will go through these 3 points and are fastened in the ground with the stake ending up 2.5x deeper than the edge itself.
  • By folding the top of the edge, a safe top design is created, avoiding potential cuts to hand or feet caused by any sharp edges in your landscape or garden.

Rite-Edge installation examples

Product Specification

Size options

2.4 x 100mm - 9 lengths (21.6m)
2.4 x 150mm - 6 lengths (14.4m)

Material Cor-Ten steel
Material Height 10cm and 15cm
Thickness 1.5mm with safe top of 3mm
Length 2.385m - 2.23m useful length
Weight 2.8kg/pc for 10cm. 4.1kg/pc for 15cm.
Fixing stakes per piece 3 stakes per edging
Length of fixing stakes 28cm long for 10cm. 38cm long for 15cm.
Weight of stakes 60g/stake for 10cm. 82g/stake for 15cm.
Pieces per pack 9pcs for 10cm. 6pcs for 15cm.
Fixing method Easy connection with stakes - overlap

Rite-Edge - Installation Instructions

For detailed installation instructions, please see the Guidelines.

  1. Determine the exact position where you require your new edge and dig a small trench approximately 5cm wide and 10cm deep 
  2. Shape and design the Rite-Edge – bear in mind the 5cm overlap join. Once formed, place into the trench you formed
  3. The top of the Rite-Edge should be just above the ground level but beneath the desired cut grass level. 
  4. Once you are happy with the shape and height of the Rite-Edge, add the fixing stakes to secure into position. 
  5. Complete the installation by backfilling the sides of your Rite-Edge.  

For further information regarding Rite Edge Lawn Edging - Cor-Ten or to order by phone, contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

SKU Product File
227273 14.4m / 150mm / Cor-Ten Product Information Sheet (PDF)
227272 21.6m / 100mm / Cor-Ten Product Information Sheet (PDF)

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