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Unrivalled control of the rootzone environment for ultimate playability.

Revolution takes the work out of growing great turf from the bottom up. It works in the soil to stabilize moisture levels, balance air-to-water ratios and provide better access to nutrients in the rootzone.

The improvement Revolution gives you in soil conditions lets the plant function at its greatest genetic potential. The result? Stronger turf throughout the season that will perform in all weather conditions.

Revolution means you can control the amount of water you apply with irrigation when conditions are dry but even when rain won’t stop Revolution will stabilise the moisture levels within the soil giving you an even surface of unrivalled playability.

Key Features of Revolution:

  • Programmed approach to prevent Dry Patch
  • Balances air-to-water ratio in the soil
  • Increases turf resilience and stress tolerance
  • Decreases surface moisture in wet conditions
  • Extends natural antioxidant activity
  • Stabilizes proline production for better playability
  • Increases chlorophyll production for consistent colour
  • Increases photochemical efficiency
  • Better rootzone environment in all conditions for healthier turf
  • Increases evapotranspiration for a cooler canopy
  • Increases overall plant health for better disease tolerance
  • Improves turf density

How To Use Revolution

Initial Application
Revolution must be applied at least one month prior to the anticipated onset of stress conditions in your area.

Ongoing Monthly Programme
Revolution must be used as part of an ongoing management program beginning prior to and continuing through stress periods. If this does not match your agronomic philosophy, inclination or budget, Revolution may not be the product for your turf management program. Ask your Technical Team about other products and program options.

Watering In:

  • Revolution is safe for turf and does not need to be watered in immediately after application. However, since Revolution’s area of activity includes both the thatch mat layer and the soil, it must be watered in sufficiently to deliver the Revolution molecules to a depth of at least four inches.
  • This requires about one cm of water on high sand rootzones or other soils with a sand top-dressing layer of 10 cm’s or more. On on-sand soils or “push-up” greens with less than a four inch san topdressing layer, apply up to one half inch of water.
  • Revolution should be watered in thoroughly the evening following application.

Application Rate Information

Pack Size: 10 L

Dilution Rate: 1 L Revolution to 42 L water

Application Rate: 19 L per Hectare

For further information regarding Revolution Wetting Agent or to discuss placing a bulk order, please call our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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