Ferrous Sulphate - Soluble Iron 25kg

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Soluble iron sulphate is a high quality ferrous sulphate formulation containing 20% iron which can be easily dissolved in water for foliar application.

Ferrous Sulphate - Soluble Iron

Soluble iron sulphate is suitable for use on all turf grass throughout the year where a dark green colouration is required. Ferrous Sulphate improves turf appearance without encouraging soft growth which can be more susceptible to fungal diseases. Suppress moss growth in grass areas. 

Application Rate Bag Coverage Bags/ha
6-25 kg/ha 41667-10,000 m2 0.24-1


How to Use

  • Maintain tank agitation at all times.
  • Add the required volume of water to the spray tank, then gradually pour the product into the tank water to dissolve it.
  • Use of warm water will help the product to dissolve faster, particularly when prevailing conditions are cold.
  • If applying with a knapsack sprayer, aid effective mixing by first dissolving the product into a bucket of water, or other suitable container before adding add into the sprayer once fully dissolved.
  • Ensure product is completely dissolved in the sprayers before commencing application.

When to Use: all year round

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Applicator Application Rate Water Volume
Knapsack Sprayer 0.6 - 2.5 g/m2 60 - 100 ml/m2
This is a soluble product and should be fully dissolved in the recommended water volume before application.

If applied at a highest suggested application rate, Ferrous Sulphate - Soluble Iron will have a detrimental effect on moss.


Ingredient Oxide Value Elemental Value
Total Nitrogen (N)   0.00%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 0.00% 0.00% P
Potassium Oxide (K2O) 0.00% 0.00% K
    Sulphur trioxide (SO3) 29% 12% S
    Iron   20% Fe

For further information on Ferrous Sulphate - Soluble Iron, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917

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Technical Information

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179087 Ferrous Sulphate - Soluble Iron 25kg Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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