Viano Lawn Boost 16-3-8 +2MgO +1Fe +Bacteria 10 kg

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Revive your lawn after the winter months!  

After the cold weather and less attention, it is no wonder that grass looks tired, patchy, lifeless, and somewhat sorry for itself. It is at this point that our lawns all need a boost to be ready for springtime.  

Viano Lawn Boost Organic Lawn Fertiliser is the ideal product to kickstart the lawn following winter. It is equally effective when applying it throughout spring and summer.  

Viano Lawn Boost is renowned for producing strong grass plants and a vibrant green colour. This can be attributed to the added magnesium and iron. The product, which is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, also features excellent drought and disease resistance, and feeds your lawn for 100 days.  

Another great benefit of choosing to use Viano Lawn Boost is that it contains a natural occurring bacteria which converts thatch into nourishing plant feed. 

There is no risk of your lawn scorching with Viano Lawn Boost, even with no rain, and this is due to it being organic. However, if no rain occurs within 7 days after application, then irrigation is advised to activate Viano Lawn Boost.  

The average UK garden is approximately 160 square metres so just one bag of Viano Lawn Boost should be more than enough. Each 10kg bag will feed a 200 square metre lawn.  

If you want to produce a rich green lawn which will withstand wear and tear, then make sure you give it a kick-start with Viano Lawn Boost. 

When to use?
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Endorsed by RHS - Royal Horticultural Society

Key benefits

  • Greens and thickens your lawn in days
  • Produces good disease resistance and drought resistance
  • Feeds your lawn for 100 days
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Natural occuring bacteria converts thatch to plant food
  • Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society

One main benefit of applying this Lawn Boost fertiliser is that it stimulates healthy growth in the grass plant and helps to protect it from both drought and disease.

Because Viano Lawn Boost is organic based, it will not scorch your lawn when applied correctly, even if it doesn't rain. However, the fertiliser does need rain or irrigation to activate it. Please water your lawn if it hasn't rained within a week of application.

Application time* Consumes thatch? Release time Application Coverage
March - September Yes 100 days Granular 200 m2

*Months for application are approximate as seasons vary from year to year. They are also dependant on where you are in the country.

For further information on Viano Lawn Boost, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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197817 Viano Lawn Boost 16-3-8 +2MgO +1Fe +Bacteria 10 kg Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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