Tubex Standard Shrubshelter

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Protect your trees against rabbits, hares, voles and herbicide with the Tubex Shrubshelter - providing improved survival rates.

Normal spiral or net products can often become embedded in branches or bark of growing shrubs. Whereas the Tubex Shrubshelter is both quick and easy to remove.


  • Improved survival rates - Tree shelters with large diameters designed for shrubs and provides improved survival rates for the shrubs. Protects the shrubs from hares, voles, rabbits, as well as providing full herbicide protection.
  • Easy installation - Tubex shrubshelter is fast and easy to remove - making them ideal for landscaping projects with mixed planting stock.


Features Benefit
Virgin polypropylene Environmentally acceptable
Twin walled construction Minimises weight, maximises strength
Flared rim Minimises stem abrasion
Pre-fitted releasable ratchet ties Designed for quick & consistent release in tough operating conditions
Strengthening rods Prevent tearing of the shelter


Height 60 cm
Diameter 130 mm - 160 mm
Ties 2 x 10"
Nests 4
Bundles 28
Colour Green


Tubex Standard Shrubshelter Installation Guide

For further information regarding the Tubex Standard Shrubshelter, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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197052 Tubex Standard Shrubshelter Assembly Instructions (PDF)

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