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Spray tank defoamer is a highly concentrated, high strength defoamer which stops foam in its tracks, as well as prevents it from reforming.

Solutions in spray tanks often contain a variety of substances that generate foam, which if were to overflow, may cause damage on areas where the chemical isn't approved for use. Spray tank defoamer solves the problem by stopping the foam and preventing it from coming back.

Defoamer can also help speed up the filling of tanks, as foam and froth is not present to account for.

Directions for Use

To Prevent Foam Formation

  • Half fill the spray tank with water, add 15 to 30ml of defoamer, whilst agitator is running to ensure even dispersion.
  • Add the other chemicals to the tank.
  • Make up the required volume with water.
  • Secure the lid and agitate thoroughly

To Kill Existing Foam

  • Stop tank agitation, then add defoamer to the surface of the foam.
  • When foam starts to drop, restart agitation.

For further information regarding our spray tank defoamer, contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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178915 Spray Tank Defoamer 1L Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
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