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Ascophyllum nodosum (knotted wrack), is a common species of seaweed and is widely used across a range of agricultural and horticultural sectors. Scientific studies have identified seaweed extracts to have several measurable beneficial effects on plant growth;

  • Early seed germination
  • Enhanced quality of vegetative growth
  • Elevated resistance to biotic (organism induced) stress and abiotic (environmental) stress
  • Increased post-harvest shelf life

SeaAction Liquid Seaweed

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When used regularly throughout the year (every 4 - 6 weeks) SeaAction will help to stimulate active soil microbes and maintain excellent turf condition. SeaAction can also be used as a tonic to reinvigorate turf after periods of stress. Directly beneficial to soil structure and stimulates fungi and bacteria that are vital to soil health. Consequently, seaweed is categorised as a biostimulant.

Seaweed Extraction

The method of processing and extraction is a crucial factor for maximising the plant beneficial bioactive compounds of seaweed. Each of the above methods will produce an extract with varying characteristics and concentrations of beneficial compounds and elements. The method which produces the highest concentration of plant beneficial bioactive compounds, is cold pressing.

Methods of Extraction
Chemical extraction of Seaweed - SeaAction available from
Heat extraction of Seaweed - SeaAction available from
Cold Pressing extraction of Seaweed - SeaAction available from
Chemical Heat Cold Pressing
The use of acids and alkaline solvents Boiling or microwave assisted Immersion in cold water, combined with pressure

SeaAction vs Other Seaweeds

SeaAction Seaweed Other Seaweed Products
Cold Pressing extraction of Seaweed - SeaAction available from

Cold Pressing
Chemical extraction of Seaweed - SeaAction available from
Heat extraction of Seaweed - SeaAction available from

Alkali or Heat extract
Cold Pressing extraction of Seaweed retains bioacive compounds - SeaAction available from

SeaAction bioactive compounds are retained...
Cold Pressing extraction of Seaweed retains bioacive compounds - SeaAction available from

...whilst formulations that are extracted with heat or harsh chemcials lose some of these beneficial properties.

SeaAction Seaweed Extraction

SeaAction seaweed is made from sustainably-sourced Ascophyllum nodosum, which is immediately wet processed at source, via a proprietary fresh cold press extraction method and without the use of heat or harsh chemicals. This process is specifically engineered to extract and maintain the bioactive components form insude the cells of the algae.

Various extraction methods for seaweeds - SeaAction available from
Various extraction methods for seaweeds - SeaAction available from

SeaAction Seaweed Characteristics


SeaAction Seaweed is light brown to green in colour and has a pleasant smelling odour, with a natural pH range of 4 - 6. These characteristics reflect the quality of the extract and the proprietary cold pressed extraction process.

Dark liquids which smell more like chemicals, have an unnaturally high pH, high concentration of potassium, high soluble solids and a black hue all of which indicate the use of alkaline extraction. This results in a product with an unnaturally high pH. consequently, these products will be lacking in some beneficial substances, such as vitamin B12 (a source of cobalt) which is sensitive to alkaline conditions.

Natural Nutrition

The low percentage of macronutrients in SeaAction Seaweed is deliberate. SeaAction Seaweed is formulated in its raw form, without additional nutritional supplementation. SeaAction stands on its own merits as a superior extract, allowing managers flexibility to control nutritional inputs and be confident in precisely what compounds are eliciting a visual effect.

Phytohormones and Phytohormone Analogues Component
Phytohormones, also known as plant growth substances, are chemicals produced in plants which;
  • Regulate essential cell processes
  • Perceive and communicate correct cell response to their microenvironment for; repair, immunity and homeostasis (stable optimal function)
  • Determine formulation of leaves, stems, roots, fruits and flowers
Glycine betaine
Abscisic acid
Gibberellic acids

Biochemical Defence and Nutrition Component
Seaweed extracts contain high concentrations of long sugar chains referred to as polysaccharides. Ascophyllum nodosum containts a range of soluble polysaccharides only found in brown seaweed extratcs.
These substances provide energy, chelate nutrients and plant a key role in plant defence.
"The presence of polysaccharides indirectly active defence signalling pathways within the plant. This leads to the creation of antimicrobial plant proteins and enzymes that can stop pathogens getting a foothold." (Vera et al, 2011).
Other Bioactive Compounds
As well as polysaccharides, seaweeds contain other compounds which benefit biochemical defence and nutrition
Amino acids
(Vitamin B12)
Glycine betaine

SeaAction Seaweed

SeaAction Why...

● Our exclusive fresh cold-press manufacturing process extracts the maximum quantity of bioactive compounds such as auxin and vitamin B12, without any degradation that normally results form heat or chemical extraction.
● Naturally low pH promotes easy tank mixing.
● Contains high levels of plant essential compounds such as iodine.
● Zero addded NPK, facilitating managers with maximum control of nutritional inputs.
● Sustainably and responsibly sourced.
● Produced without creating addtional waste by-products.

SeaAction How...

SeaAction Seaweed can be applied to turf grass and plants every 2 - 4 weeks throughout the year and particuarly during the spring and summer.
SeaAction Seaweed is best applied as a foliar treatment

Application Type Applicator Application Rate Water Volume (L/ha) Pack Coverage (m2)
Remedial Application Boom Sprayer 20 L/ha 300-400 5000-2500
Knapsack 2 ml/m2
Maintenance Application Boom Sprayer 10 L/ha
Knapsack 1 ml/m2

SeaAction When...

Apply SeaAction proactively before a period of high disease pressure to prime plant defence, whilst avoiding application when a pathogen is established to circumvent issues with stimulating disease.

Application Window
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

"Together these products perform well, and we are very happy with the results we get; the greens have a great sward health and vigour which lasts longer. In addition to the physical benefits to the turf, there are also a number of other advantages including; less hours spent applying the products as they can be applied all together, as reduction in nutrients applied annually and less room is taken up storing products, all this put together provides considerable cost-savings, and less wear on machinery."

Mike Cartwright
Highcliffe Castle Golf Course

Mike has been applying a combination of Green Solutions liquid fertilisers, HumiMax biostimulant and SeaAction Liquid Seaweed to his greens and tees.

For further information on our SeaAction Liquid Seaweed, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917, consult the SeaAction Liquid Seaweed literature or see our How To Guide: What is Seaweed Extract Best Used For?

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