Rubber Grass Protection Mats

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Rubber Grass grass protection mats are the ultimate solution when it comes to protecting the ground surface and promoting the healthy turf growth.

These 1 m x 1.5 m rubber grass mats are perfect for use in walkways, entrances or any outdoor grassy area. Rubber Grass protect turf from heavy foot fall and also help to maintain the structure of the soil in areas prone to becoming boggy.

Rubber Grass Protection Mats

Rubber grass protection mat

Rubber Grass grass protection mats are the ultimate solution when it comes to protecting the ground surface and promoting healthy turf growth, in addition to being highly shock and noise absorbant. Rubber Grass is perfect for use in pathways, as over time, frequent foot fall can kill the turf and displacing soil.

The unique design of Rubber Grass mats enables the soil beneath to get all of the sunlight and water it needs to grow thick, healthy grass. The carefully designed holes encourage grass to grow through them. After a few months of growth, the grass could hide the appearance of the mats completely.

Common Areas of Use as Grass Protection Mats

Rubber grass protection mat
  • Pathways and walkways
  • Area entrances
  • Slopes and hills
  • Areas prone to water retention
  • Private turfed areas
  • Commercial properties
  • Equestrian venues

As Rubber Safety Mats

Manufactured from recycled rubber which aids in creating soft and safe ground to increase protection from injury. The mats are mainly used on grass, however they can be used in many other environments that require shock absorbance, anti-slip surfaces, or protection for the floor underneath.

The rubber grass mat's softness does not fluctuate in a huge range of weather conditions. When it comes to safety surfacing, rubber is the right choice and boasts many benefits over alternative options such as PVC, which hardens in cold conditions and offers little protection against slips, cuts, and grazes.

Common Areas of Use as Rubber Safety Mats

  • Children’s play areas and playgrounds
  • To surround multi-functional play frames
  • Under swings
  • High slip hazard areas, e.g. areas prone to water & ice
  • Areas containing gravel
  • Fitness and fun trails
  • Pathways and gate entrances

Installation Instructions for Rubber Grass Mats

For further ground stabilisation and reinforcement, we recommend laying Rubber Grass protection mats on a ground reinforcement mesh.

Rubber Grass safety mats can be pegged to the ground using plastic pegs and connected to adjacent mats using cable ties. We recommend 12 pegs and ties per mat.

Rubber Grass Mats with Plastic Reinforcement Pegs for Installation

For further information regarding Rubber Grass Protection Mats, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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