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"The Best Ever Labour & Herbicide Saver!"

The Mankar HQ has a spray width of 15-45cm which is infinitely adjustable by rotating the spray hood.

Ease of use

  • The adjustable spraying width between 15 and 45 cm is fixed automatically without having to tighten any screws or nuts.
  • Thanks to optimum ergonomics, the device feels well balanced in the hand. A carrying strap also makes things easier.
  • Practical ABS case for secure transportation and storage of the Mankar HQ, with space for optional accessories.

Mankar HQ Application Information

The Mankar HQ's unique system applies Roundup 360 or 480 neat at 2L/Ha, saving 50% over conventional sprayers as well as reducing labour and pesticide use and cost dramatically. The additional environmental benefits speak for themselves!

The Mankar HQ has one Segment Rotary Nozzle and can hold 1 L of neat Roundup ProActove 360 which is enough chemical to treat 5,000 square metres.

The Mankar HQ's battery is rechargeable and will work for 8 hours continuous use. The complete unit weighs only 2.4kg and comes complete with strap and bungees to make the lance weightless in your hand.

Technical Information

Spray width 15 - 45cm
No. of nozzles 1
Tank capacity 1 L
Area covered 5000m² (0.5ha)
Weight 2.4kg
Working time 8 hours

Integration of all components into the housing

  • The switch of the device is protected perfectly, as it is located inside the housing and has been technically optimised.
  • Cables and hoses now run from the integrated herbicide tank inside the housing and the spray hood right up to the atomiser, which means that they can no longer get caught anywhere.

Mankar-Carry Range - Overview

The hand-held 'Mankar-Carry' range are well suited for street spraying, dense cultivation, landscape plantings, areas where irregular rows have been planted, or anyplace where, due to surface properties, a high degree of flexibility is needed.

  • The nozzle is activated by the push of a button - allowing spot spraying.
  • Herbicide travels by gravity from the tank to the nozzle via the valve.
  • A single battery charge is sufficient for approximately 8-16 hours!
  • Spray widths are available from 10 to 45 cm.

Why Choose Mankar Sprayers over Conventional Sprayers?

  • Mankar Spraying Systems Require No Water or Dilution! - Eliminating the need to be near a water source and walk long distances to refill the spray tank.
  • Mankar Spraying Systems Weigh Considerably Less! - Most of the weight in knapsack sprayers are water. On average 15kg of water-weight is saved per refill in the Mankar Spraying Systems which only weigh around 3.4kg fully filled!
  • Five Times the Coverage Rate of Roundup when compared with a Knapsack Sprayer! - Ultra Low Volume Droplet Application (ULV) technology vastly improves coverage rates by producing much smaller, very uniform liquid droplets.
  • Mankar Spraying Systems will Pay For Themselves! - Due to the increased coverage rates and no water refilling time the money saved on herbicide and labour will pay off the Sprayer in only a few weeks of use!
  • Virtually No Spray Drift! - Mankar Spray Shields combined with Mankar's ULV technology means spray drift is virtually eliminated, meaning spraying around cultivated plants and water is easily possible.
Mankar Roll Mankar Roll Mankar Roll

For further information regarding the Mankar HQ speak to a technical sales advisor on 01952 897917.

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