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ICL Landscaper Pro 15g Tablets 15-9-9 7kg Bucket

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Landscaper Pro is a controlled release fertiliser based on the world-famous Osmocote technology, available in granular form and as easy to use moulded tablets. Their balanced 15+9+9+3MgO analysis contains more active fertiliser than most slow release competitors.

Key Features of Landscaper Pro 15g Tablets 15-9-9:

  • Controlled release fertiliser for trees and shrubs.
  • Available as granules and easy to use moulded tablets.
  • Feeds plants for two years from one application.
  • Predictable and reliable nutrient release.
  • Nutrients are released at the same rate on all soil types, sandy soils, reclaimed sites, and coal tips etc.

Application Rates:

For Trees Tree Height (cm) No.of 15g tablets required per plant Quantity of granules required per plant
Transplant 30-120 2 per plant 30g
Whip 120-250 3 per plant 45g
Feathered 180-300 4 per plant 60g
Light Standard 250-275 4 per plant 60g
Standard 275-300 5 per plant 75g
Selected Standard 300-360 7 per plant 105g
Heavy Standard 360-425 8 per plant 120g
Ext. Heavy Standard 425-500 10 per plant 150g
Semi-mature 16-18cm girth 11 per plant 165g
Semi-mature 18-20cm girth 112 per plant 180g
Semi-mature 20-22cm girth 14 per plant 210g
Semi-mature 22-24cm 15 per plant 225g
Semi-mature 24-26cm girth 16 per plant 240g

For Shrubs Tree Height (cm) No.of 15g tablets required per plant Quantity of granules required per plant
1 10-20 1 per plant 15g
2-3 20-40 2 per plant 30g
5 40-60 3 per plant 45g
10 60-80 4 per plant 60g
15 80-100 5 per plant 75g
25 100+ 5 per plant 75g

General Information:

The resin coating around each pill controls the daily nutrient release, which in turn is determined by soil temperature. Higher temperatures give a faster release and decrease the longevity period; lower temperatures slow down the release and so increase the longevity period. Almost all the NPK is slowly made available for uptake by the plant and not lost into drains, ponds or ditches.

There are designed for use around pot grown and field grown trees, shrubs, newly planted stock and other soil grown crops. The granular form can also be used as a top dressing and as a general maintenance dressing.

If you would like any further information regarding, Landscaper Pro 15g Tablets 15-9-9 please contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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