H2Pro TriSmart

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  1. Offers preventative and curative action against Dry Patch.
  2. Evenly distributes moisture through the upper soil profile.
  3. Significantly reduces irrigation requirements.
H2Pro FlowSmart Wetting Agent

TriSmart Principles

TriSmart is designed for quality turf areas, its unique triple-active formulation provides great control over your moisture management. Containing three water management technologies, it provides great water penetration, even water spread through the rootzone and improves the water holding capacity of sandy rootzones.

Very effective against LDS (Localised Dry Patch) development, the block polymer surfactant has also been selected for increased longevity in the rootzone.

Application Information:

H2Pro TriSmart (L) Water Volume (L) Area (ha) Sprayer Applications
5 600 - 1000 10 - 25 Spray Boom Monthly


Suggested periods of use: All Year


H2Pro Principles

Designed to help you get a grip on your moisture management. Utilising advanced polymer and surfactant technology, the new range of three specialist wetting agents; H2Pro TriSmart, H2Pro FlowSmart and H2Pro AquaSmart have been carefully formulated and tested to help you achieve better control of your moisture management. Supported by research, backed by end-user testimonial the new range have been designed to achieve specific goals each with a different mode of action.

Advanced new technologies

Each of these wetting agents has been formulated from a different blend of Block Co–polymers and co-formulants, incorporating specialist chemistries to achieve a specific result. The full range allows you to focus your moisture management to your particular needs.

For further information on H2Pro Tri Smart, contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917

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