Grass Reinforcement Mesh Heavy Duty

SKU: 188094

Length: 10m
Width: 1m
Weight/area: 1.2kg/m2
Sale price£81.95 ex. VAT
£98.34 inc. VAT
(minimum of 1)


Our Heavy Duty Grass Reinforcement Mesh is a cost-effective and easy to install grass conservation solution, providing added stability and restricting damage to the chosen area. The mesh provides a permanent solution to car parking issues as well as preventing grass wear and rutting. The Heavy Duty Mesh allows prolonged summer and winter use of traditionally affected grass whilst keeping the visual appeal of the area.

By allowing the grass to grow through the mesh, the turf protection will be strengthened and will become more stable. By applying during the spring and summer months, this will encourage the area of choice to grow through the mesh making it almost invisible. Anti-slip properties of the mesh means that whilst retaining the attributes for protection, the mesh will be safe during wet instances.

Our Heavy Duty Grass Reinforcement Mesh can be used to protect surfaces such as golf buggy pathways or pedestrian walkways as the mesh is directly fixed to the target surface, therefore meaning that no excavation or soil removal is needed. Car parking problems in both professional and domestic circumstances can be resolved as the Heavy Duty Mesh stabilises the grass underneath, allowing cars to be parked on grass that would not normally be stable enough to withstand the pressure. Access routes and building compounds can also be additionally stabilised with the Heavy Duty Mesh providing added reinforcement.

We recommend the use of Steel U-Pins for fixing of the Mesh, which can be ordered seperately.


  • Cost-effective and simple to install
  • Mesh is laid and fixed to the existing surface
  • Prevents grass wear and mud cause by high traffic
  • Manufactured using a proportion of recycled plastics
  • UV Stabilised
  • Slip-resistant structure
  • Ideal for permanent applications

Available Products

Product Colour Width
Covered Area
Pins Required
Grass Reinforcement Heavy Duty Green 1 10 10 14 1200 50
Grass Reinforcement Heavy Duty Green 1 10 10 14 2000 50
Grass Reinforcement Heavy Duty Green 2 20 40 14 1200 100
Grass Reinforcement Heavy Duty Green 2 20 40 14 2000 100

For further information regarding Heavy Duty Grass Reinforcement Mesh, contact our Technical Sales Team on 01952 897917.

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