Ferromex® Lawn Moss Killer 5 L

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Product Overview
Product Type Herbicide (moss killer)
Product Name Ferromex®
MAPP No. 16895
Active Substances 381.15 g/l iron sulphate
Formulation Liquid (soluble concentrate)
Areas of Use Lawn
Amateur/Professional Amateur
Maximum Individual Dose 150 l/ha
Maximum Applications Per Year 3

Active Substance: 381.15 g/l iron sulphate

Ferromex is a moss killer, for use as a home garden treatment to control moss in lawns. Containing 4.6% nitrogen and 16.0% Iron sulphate w/w.

This liquid moss killer, containing 4.6% w/w ureic nitrogen, will also promote grass growth, helping the sward to thicken and infill sparse areas.

Instructions for use

Where to use

For use on lawns as a home garden treatment to control moss.

When to use

Apply when moss and grass are actively growing consistenly and soil temperatures are between 7°C—21°C.

Application Window
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

How to use

Ferromex® can be applied via hydraulic sprayer or watering can. 3 days after and 4 days before mowing. Blackened moss should be ready to rake out 7-10 days post application.

Retreatment may be necessary for heavy infestations.

Mosses are none vascular plants perfectly adapted to colonising environments rapidly. Populations may return as a result of environmental conditions which favour its development. In such cases up to three applications can be made in any one year.

Applicator Application Rate Water Volume Pack Size (L) Pack Coverage (m2)
Knapsack 15 ml/m2 50-85 ml/m2 5 333
*Watering can 16.6 ml/l 900 ml/m2 5 301

*Watering can rates equate to 150 ml of Ferromex diluted in 9 L of water per 10 m2.

Maximum Individual Maximum Number Latest Application
150 l/ha 3 per year Early autumn, when turf grass growth remains active
Oxide Value Elemental Value
Total Nitrogen (N) 4.6%
Ureic Nitrogen (N) 4.6%
Iron Sulphate 16.0% Fe
Specific Gravity 1.2
pH 1-2
Values Stated as w/w

Additional Information

Apply evenly, avoid overlapping or missing areas. If there is no rain within 2 days of application irrigate the treated area thoroughly. Do not apply in hot, dry weather or frosty conditions. Half fill the applicator with clean water. Add concentrate as required and mix thoroughly whilst adding remaining water. Avoid walking on and exclude pets from treated areas until dry. Concentrate should not be applied directly onto lawns.

Avoid application onto hard surfaces and paving, wash off immediately to minimise oxidised staining.

This product is not classified as hazardous for supply or for transport. Please refer to the associated safety data sheet for full information and guidance on safe transport, storage, handling, use and disposal of this product.

For further information on Ferromex, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Find more information in our guide How To Deal with Moss

Technical Information

SKU Product File
196887 Ferromex® Lawn Moss Killer 5 L Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
196887 Ferromex® Lawn Moss Killer 5 L Product Label (PDF)

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