EvenSprey Professional Sprayer

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The EvenSprey Pro is a battery powered, pedestrian operated spray machine designed for accurate and economical application of liquid fertilisers and other turf treatment products.

Designed to increase the efficiency, convenience and accuracy of liquid applications to a range of turf areas from , bowling greens, cricket squares, amenity lawns and sports pitches.

Increasingly the pressures of modern day turf management at all levels of facility requires regular, little and often applications of liquid and soluble fertilisers, biostimulants and plant protection products in a bid to maximise presentational consistency and playing performance.

The Vitax EvenSprey Pro is designed to support greenkeepers and groundsmen by making the application of such inputs quick, efficient and most importantly accurate. Featuring five spraying nozzles producing a 2.5 meter wide spray width for fast and efficient application, a 50 L spray tank for reduced refilling operation, tank agitation for improved mixing and spray head isolation function for precise accuracy.


  • 50 litre Tank
  • 5 Spray Heads
  • Spray Head Isolator Function
  • 2 metre spray boom with a 2.5 metre spray width
  • Back to tank agitation
  • Unique, fold-away booms

1 Year Vitax Warranty | Amenity Choice

Comes with 1 year Vitax warranty

For advice or further information on the Vitax EvenSprey Pro Sprayer, speak to a technical sales advisor on 01952 897917.

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