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AlgaphiteBio is a natural formulation of bacteria for the prevention and treatment of blanketweed and other aquatic algae in ponds and lakes.

Dense mats of algae and blanketweed reduce the visual appeal of inland aquatic waterbodies such as ponds and lakes and can have a negative impact on recreational activities such as fishing, swimming and boating. In addition, blanketweed and other aquatic algae can smother other aquatic plants and reduce oxygen levels in the water, leading to problems for aquatic plants, fish and other aquatic creatures.


High levels of nutrients in the water can encourage this excessive build up of blanketweed and other aquatic algae. To combat this, AlgaphiteBio contains six species of naturally occurring bacteria which feed directly on the phosphates and nitrates in the water. Starting applications of AlgaphiteBio early in the season, reduces the amount of nutrients in the water so that blanketweed and algae are not able to proliferate.

AlgaphiteBio is available in two easy to use formulations:

  • A liquid, packaged in an easy to use dosing bottle. Simply squeeze the sides of the bottle to fill the dosing chamber with the required amount of liquid (10 ml treats 250 l water), dilute in water and distribute over the surface of the pond or lake.
  • For larger bodies of water, AlgaphiteBio is also available as a granule packaged in biodegradable sachets. Simply calculate how many sachets are required and distribute over the waters surface.

Product summary table

Pack volume Single dose Pack contents One dose treats Longevity
500 ml 10 ml 252 million nitrate and phosphate reducing bacteria per gram Up to 250 l water Up to 4 weeks
15 x 200 g 200 g 3 billion nitrate and phosphate reducing bacteria per gram Up to 50 m³ water Up to 4 weeks

Application recommendations

Where to use

  • Enclosed waters: Any natural or artificial body of water with limited or no outflow, such as a pond or lake

When to use

  • For best results, start using early in the growing season when water temperatures exceed 10°C and before algae and blanketweed are visible (approximately March)
  • Continue applying once a month until water temperatures are below 10°C (approximately October)
  • When blanketweed or algae is present initially, Algaphite Bio can be used once a week for one month
Application Window
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

How to use

AlgaphiteBio Liquid
Calculate how many doses are required using the formula below:

Unscrew the top of the measuring chamber
Gently squeeze the bottle until the measuring chamber contains 10 ml of liquid
Pour the liquid from the measuring chamber into a watering can or bucket of water to dilute
Distribute the contents of the watering can or bucket over the pond and directly onto the algae or blanket weed
If there is no water movement gently agitate the surface of the water to aid even distribution

AlgaphiteBio Sachets

Calculate how many doses are required using the formula below:

Distribute the required number of sachets equally across the surface of the water

    Important information

    • UV lights should be switched off for at least the first seven days following treatment
    • Fountains or other water aeration features should be left on throughout treatment
    • Results should be visible within 2-4 weeks of treatment
    • AlgaphiteBio is not harmful to wildlife

    For further information on AlgaphiteBio, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

    Technical Information

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    201444 500 ml Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
    201444 500 ml Product Label (PDF)
    201445 15 x 200 g Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
    201445 15 x 200 g Product Label (PDF)

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