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Curative wetting agent tablets designed to be used when combatting localised dry patch on all turf areas, particularly; golf greens and tees, bowling greens and ornamental lawns.

Advantage Plus Wetting Agent Pellets are formulated with a curative surfactant designed to remove the hydrophobic organic residues surrounding soil particles when targeting localised dry spot via hand watering.

The curative portion is further combined with a residual surfactant to hold applied water in the soil profile for longer, allowing plants to recover more effectively.

*Advantage Plus Seaweed Depicted*

The Advantage Plus pellet line features two formulations available for turf managers seeking additional benefits during hand watering: Advantage Plus and Advantage Plus Seaweed.

Introducing the Advantage + Wetting Agent range from Aquatrols - available at

Please select either Advantage + or Advantage + Seaweed from the dropdown at the top of the page.

Advantage Plus

  • Superior Advantage Plus formulation to improve hand watering
  • Distributes applied water more uniformly into the soil profile
  • Pellet stays intact

Advantage Plus Seaweed

  • Combined with high quality seaweed extract
  • Seaweed:
    • Promotes fast recovery of stressed turf
    • Stimulates root growth
    • Promotes the growth of healthy, vigorous turfgrass

For further information on the Advatage Plus Wetting Agent Pellets, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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191041 Advantage + Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
191041 Advantage + Product Label (PDF)
191043 Advantage + Seaweed Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
191043 Advantage + Seaweed Product Label (PDF)

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