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When it comes to maintaining neat and tidy lawns, garden edgings, path edgings, or flower and vegetable beds – EverEdge is the permanent solution! Both durable and flexible steel, these unique metal edging borders can be used in several different soil conditions and can fit around curves, corners, or any angle needed.

The installation of EverEdge can be made even easier with our Lawn Edging Iron.


  • As EverEdge overlaps and interlocks, please remember to add 6% to your actual requirement - that is 6cm per metre of lawn edges you use.
    Everedge 150mm join

  • The 150mm option has a different joint to the other products. The top part of the joint is the same but there is a bolt connection for the bottom joint.
    To connect a 150mm to another size, the top joint can be hooked on, and then you will need to drill and bolt the bottom joint. An 8.0mm hole should be drilled to take a 6.0mm bolt.
    The 150mm range comes with 5 coach bolts included.

  • The EverEdge Classic is the preferred product for most applications including edgings for gardens, paths and flowerbeds. However, for areas where vehicle traffic is likely, then ProEdge (2.5mm) is preferable. Please contact a member of our technical sales team for more information.

  • CorTen steel and Galvanised steel can have sharp edges and extra care must be taken when installing these products in properties with children or pets. If you would like advice on whether these finishes are suitable for your garden please call us on 01952 641949.

Lawn Edges - Easy to Install, No Maintenance

EverEdge edges are very easy to install. Once a neat edge has been created, the only tools you will need are a heavy hammer or mallet, a screwdriver, and a block of wood. This robust garden edging is manufactured from 1.6mm thick galvanised steel and is finished with corrosion-resistant black paint finish. Once installed EverEdge is totally maintenance free.

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In poor ground conditions, EverEdge can be securely anchored using the Pin & Sleeve System.


  1. Form a new edge or re-cut your existing edge to effectively make a trench. EverEdge can be installed whether the trench is straight or curved.
  2. Place EverEdge into the required position. Place the block of wood on top of the EverEdge and hammer into the ground until the edge is flush with the turf level – approximately 15 mm below your cut grass level.
  3. Interlock the EverEdge and once installed, press in the tongue to approximately 45 degrees using a screwdriver.


  • Length - 1 metre lengths that come in a pack 5 x 1m strips
  • Heights - 75mm (3"), 100mm (4"), 125mm (5") and 150mm (5.9")
  • Thickness - 1.6 mm (Classic)

EverEdge Basic Installation Guidelines

The installation of EverEdge can differ depending on soil conditions and wear. It should be installed correctly and cautiously for aesthetic value and safety.


Note: Wherever possible overlap EverEdge. If lawn edge must be cut, it is advisable to paint the bare edges with good quality primer to prevent rust.

Tools Required
Assembly Instructions

Cutting is not advised

Overlap or bend surplus length to finish installation


Prepare a line for the edging to follow and remove any obstructions. If the ground is stony, loosen fist.

Prepare ground

Drive one end of EverEdge to the correct depth, leaving the other end sufficiently clear to enable linking to the next section.

Installing Everedge

The top of the EverEdge panel should be level with the point where the soil and grass meet.Levelling the Everdge

Linking the Everedge

Link the EverEdge and use a screwdriver to push the tongue on the front panel through the hole in the rear panel no more than 45°

Bending Everedge

Bending EverEdge
When bending EverEdge to a required angle, it is advisable to use a solid platform such as a work bench, the edge of a table, or some timber.

For further information regarding EverEdge Classic, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Find more information in our guide How To Install Lawn Edging

Technical Information

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215113 Brown / 150mm Assembly Instructions (PDF)
215114 Slate / 150mm Assembly Instructions (PDF)

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