Wiltpruf S600 5 L

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Wiltpruf is an anti-transpirant spray which has a wide range of applications on ornamental plants.

When applied by dipping or spraying, the diluted Wiltpruf polymerises and forms a thin, transparent coating that is permeable to gases but relatively impermeable to liquid vapours. This unique quality allows normal plant respiration while preserving moisture by reducing transpiration by up to 80%.

Wiltpruf is particularly useful during transplanting when it reduces water loss – thus increasing plant survival rates. It can also be used to help protect trees and shrubs from salt spray and windburn and to reduce needle drop from Christmas trees.

Pack Size: 5 L

For more information on Wiltpruf, please contact a member of out technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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9669 Wiltpruf S600 5 L Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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