Tripod Sprinkler

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Width: 3/4 Inch (19mm)
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Tripod sprinklers are often chosen for use in ornamental horticulture where their greater height is desirable for irrigating over and around tall plants.


This product comes with a quick coupling attachment for connecting directly with your hose and hose tail.


This sprinkler requires a pressurised irrigation system to operate effectively and will not operate off a normal domestic supply.

Technical Information

1" Tripod Sprinkler - Complete

Comprising Of:

  • 1 X 750ze30wimpac
  • 1 X 58001025irrig
  • 1 X 65010404gifit
  • 1 X 55136008renus
  • 1 X 780000000ptfe

For further information regarding the Tripod Sprinkler, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917

Additional Files

SKU Product File Download
190684 3/4 Inch (19mm) Tripod Sprinkler Download file (PDF)
190685 1 Inch (25mm) Tripod Sprinkler 1 inch Download file (PDF)

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