Tree Watering Bag 75 L

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Tree Watering Bags are a great way to slowly irrigate newly planted and established trees over a 6-10 hour period. A cost effective and time saving solution to get much needed water to the roots of trees.

This versatile product is ideal for use in parks, urban areas, estates, nurseries and other landscape situations.

Save Time

Tree Watering Bags are quick and easy to install and only require a refill twice weekly, depending on the weather

Save Water

Tree Watering Bags will slowly release and equally disperse on the soil around the tree during a 6-10 hour period, enabling healthy root development

Save Money

Reduce labour costs in hand watering and water usage

Save Trees

Help reduce stress to newly planted trees and aid in strong and healthy root development

Installation and Usage

  • Wrap around tree stem, with zippers on uphill side of trees
  • Zip both sides together from bottom to top
  • Fill bag until 25% of capacity
  • Lift up straps at top of bag to expand bag
  • Fill bag up to desired level
  • Tree Bag will irrigate over a 6-10 hour period
  • Refill twice weekly, or as needed

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