Tree & Shrub Planting Mix

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Tree & Shrub Planting Mix

There are a lot of important considerations in planting trees & shrubs such as weather, root health and after care but if you want your new plants to have the best start in life then you need to choose a quality tree and shrub planting mix. 

This tree and planting mix is best worked into the ground before you start your planting project and is an alternative to regular garden compost. Once you have worked it into the ground, it releases nutrients gradually over a long period of time to aid the successful establishment of trees and plants. It also adds that all important organic matter to assist with drainage. 

This product is a combination of Norfolk loam and compost. The loam also contains micro-elements and organic matter, which provides a slow release of Nitrogen to the plant. 

Loam composts are perhaps one of the best composts when it comes to most gardens. This mix is a soft texture, and it is great for maintaining moisture without drowning plants – ensuring that it keeps the plants hydrated.  

This high-nutrient loam-based compost encourages strong, vigorous, healthy growth, and is sterilised to kill weed, seeds, pests, and diseases.  

Providing structural support and a good supply of organic material to stimulate growth. Available in Dumpy bags or 25kg bags in 40 bag pallets.

Unit Quantity Bulk Bag Standard Bag
Volume / Weight 0.8 m3 25 kg
Coverage (50 mm depth) 16 m2 0.50 m2

Bulk Discounts apply for quantities over 5 tonnes.

If you require any further information regarding Tree & Shrub Planting Mix, contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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