Metal Conqueror Feeder

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Height: 90cm
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The high-capacity Conqueror Feeders are ideal for gardens / public area with large bird populations or if you don't want your feeders to be empty.

Made from die-cast powder-coated zinc and strong 8.5 cm diameter polycarbonate tubing, Conqueror seed feeders offer long life and excellent resistance to squirrel damage. Due to the weights involved, we recommend mounting these feeders on a Garden Pole or hanging from a strong branch using a hanging chain.

Species Suitable for all size variations:
Blue Tit Chaffinch
Great Tit Redstart
Coal Tit Starling
Crested Tit Robin
Siskin House Sparrow
Goldfinch Tree Sparrow

Although these feeders are damage resilient to squirrel damage, it still allows them to access the food.

These feeders are available in:
Small (60 cm) which has 8 ports and a capacity of 1.82 kg
Medium (90 cm) which has 10 ports and a capacity of 2.64 kg
Large (120 cm) which has 12 ports and a capacity of 3.64 kg
Please select your preference from the right of the page.

For further information on the Metal Conqueror Feeders, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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