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Magic Ice Melt is a free flowing, rapid action, de-icer which comes in the shape of white granules. Magic Ice Melt is completely harmless to both animals and humans, so you can rest assured if children or pets are around it. It is also non-corrosive to fabrics, glass and metals; meaning it can be applied without the need to wear any form of protective clothing.

The ability to flow freely allows Magic Ice Melt to be applied sparingly, meaning a bag will last much longer than the equivalent weight in rock salt.

Offers up to 6 x the coverage of salt and is completely non-corrosive to metals and reinforced concrete, non-toxic to humans, animals and vegetation, and is clean and easy to apply.

Useful Hint: Apply Magic Ice Melt before snow falls to prevent snow from settling and to prevent the formation of ice.

Application Instructions

  • To remove thin ice and light snow, sprinkle Magic Ice Melt sparingly over the area to be treated
  • For thicker ice, apply Magic Ice Melt more liberally

The Magic Ice Melt granules will bore down through the ice and continue to work from below; this breaks the bond between the ice and ground allowing for easy ice removal.


  • Can be used on paths, drives, steps, parking areas etc
  • Non toxic to humans and animals alike
  • Will not harm lawns or shrubbery
  • Fully biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • An established de-icer of choice for airports worldwide
  • Will not corrode metals or fabrics
  • Will not damage or stain carpets or cause damage to flooring if walked inside
  • Clean, light and easy to apply
  • Will not leave sludge residue like rock salt will; meaning a much more aesthetically pleasing view for areas treated
  • Brilliant coverage means you save money with each application

For further information regarding Magic Ice Melt 10kg, contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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