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Green Lawnger restores the natural green colour to turf during dormant periods. Green Lawnger may also be pre-applied to divot mix sand, giving the mix a natural green colour.

Green Lawnger contains no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, or other inert ingredients known to be harmful to turf.

Adds healthy appearance and beauty to warm and cool season turf grasses. Recommended for athletic fields and golf courses where an instant green-up is required and impact sports are played. Also recommended for lawns.


  • Long lasting formulation, lasts up to 10-14 weeks
  • Application on dormant turf lasts 6 months
  • Contains ColourLock resin technology to ensure strong leaf adhesion
  • Natural green colour
  • Contains a high concentration of binder to ensure strong leaf adhesion
  • Will not wash off turf
  • Non-phytotoxic to turf


  • Instant green-up
  • Flexible rate to acheive colour required
  • Long lasting divot mix / sand colourant
  • Can be used all year round

Application Information

Where to use

For use on all managed amenity turf areas including:

  • Sports turf
  • Golf greens
  • Fairways
  • Ornamental lawns

When to use

Can be used all year round.

Application Window
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

How to use

For application to turf surfaces use at a rate of 33-100 L/ha in 700 - 2000 L/ha water:

Application Rate (L/ha) Water Volume (L/ha) Pack Size (L) Pack Coverage (m2) Application Method
33 -100 700 - 2000 1 300 - 100 Vehicle mounted hydraulic (boom) sprayer

Knapsack Sprayer

For divot mix and sand colourant applications use 200 ml of Green Lawnger to each 50 kg of mix.

For further information regarding Green Lawnger, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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8770 Green Lawnger Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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