EverEdge Garden Tree Rings

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Colour: Brown
Height: 75mm
Diameter: 600mm
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EverEdge Garden Tree Rings are perfect for creating clean, attractive edging around trees and shrubs in your lawn. The rings will save countless hours of tedious edging, and eliminate maintenance of the borders between the turf and the tree bed. 

Made from 1.6 mm gauge mild steel, the flexible rings offer support to allow young trees and shrubs to establish without any mower damage, compaction from foot traffic or interference from competing grass.

Ideal for any amenity project, EverEdge Garden Tree Rings provide crisp and clean edges and accurate circles. They are powder coated in heavy duty brown paint which makes them blend in perfectly in any garden or landscaped area, and once installed they are totally maintenance free for a lifetime. 

Features & Installation

Featuring concave teeth, the rings, once bolted together, sit securely in the ground low enough for a mower to glide over the top, and can easily take the weight of a ride-on mower. 

Long lasting, these EverEdge garden rings come pre-rolled to make installation even easier. They are manufactured using two or three rustproof coated steel 1 m strips creating either a 600 mm or 900 mm diameter ring. Simply bend them to form a circle, slot them together and hammer them into the ground.

600 mm is the smallest diameter ring and it is advisable to drill a hole in the overlapping join. Then insert a screw or a bolt to ensure that the clip is securely in place and doesn’t slip apart with the pressure of the bend.

The 600 mm option consists of 2 x 1000 mm pieces and the 900 mm option consists of 3 x 1000 mm pieces.


EverEdge Classic Garden Ring EverEdge Classic Garden Ring EverEdge Classic Garden Ring

How to install


Diameter (mm) Strips (#) Height (mm) Length per Strip (mm) Thickness (mm)
600 2 75 1000 1.6
900 3 75 1000 1.6

For further information regarding EverEdge Garden Rings, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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