Cresco SRS Seeder

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The Cresco Single Row Seeder is the ingenious solution to the back-breaking process of planting seeds.

You can sow a huge variety of seeds with Cresco's interchangeable plate system, perfect for market gardens or home growers. Whatever you are planting, the Cresco Seeder will easily plow your furrow, sow the seeds, cover and compact the ground, and mark out your next row.

The ultimate convenience for planting seeds

The Cresco SRS seeder is built with quality, giving you the ultimate convenience and high performance. Whether the seeder is for personal use, as a market gardener, or as a horticultural grower - the Cresco Single Row Seeder and planter is built with quality to give you the convenience and high-performance rolled into one.

Key Benefits

  • Wider rear wheel
  • Hopper lid to keep seeds dry and not spill out
  • Reinforced row marker mountings
  • 10 Seed Plates included in a durable Cresco storage bag
  • For summer use
  • Interchangeable slider system so can be used as fertiliser or salt spreader


Cresco SRS Seeder Cresco SRS Seeder Cresco SRS Seeder Cresco SRS Seeder

About Cresco

With over 25 years industry experience, Cresco products have been designed and built from scratch to offer improved quality, new modern technology, and a much needed expansion to the current pedestrian spreader market.

For further information on Cresco SRS Seeder, please contact a member of the technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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