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Cresco 10 Winter Spreader

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Cresco 10 Winter Spreader

The Cresco 10 Winter Spreader is designed for customers who want a low-cost salt spreader, with a solid rod linkage, durable gears, and a strong chassis.

Recommended for use with White Rock Salt and Magic Ice Melt.

When spreading salt, safety is our primary concern. With that in mind, the Cresco 10 Winter Spreader is now available in a vivid orange hopper. This will aid visibility and protection when using at night.

It also has a vibrant red safety light on the back, and a custom-fit handle light to illuminate the path in front.


The Cresco 10 Winter Spreader provides the ability to spread both fertiliser and salt as both the winter and summer sliders are included in the box. It also comes with a cushioned handle with a T-bar lever and a solid rod linkage.

The Cresco 10 Winter Spreader offers a professional standard spread pattern adjustor which will provide you with a consistent delivery of nutrients across your entire lawn offering a picture-perfect result.

About Cresco

With over 25 years industry experience, Cresco products have been designed and built from scratch to offer improved quality, new modern technology, and a much needed expansion to the current pedestrian spreader market.

For further information on Cresco 10 Winter Spreader, please contact a member of the technical sales team on 01952 641949.

Technical Information

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