Beepol Live Bumblebee Colony

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Enhance the biodiversity of your conservation and wildlife areas by introducing a vital part of the ecosystem, a Beepol Live Bumblebee Colony.

This colony of native British bees compromises a Queen, workers and eggs. When deliverd this large hive holds 60–80 worker bees, with the hive population increasing to much higher numbers over the course of a season.

Supplied with sugar water as an initial internal food source, this colony of native Bombus terristris audax should live for 2–3 months, depending on weather and conditions.

Ideal for increasing the biodiversity of wildlife areas at golf clubs, bowling clubs or any other sports and recreation facility with areas set aside for ecological diversity. The Beepol Live Bumblebee Colony is also suitable for domestic gardens.

**Please note that delivery takes around two weeks and is only made on Thursdays.**

Over recent decades populations of bumble bees have crashed with a number of native species threatened with extinction.

These insects play a crucial role in the wider ecosystem by pollinating food crops and wildflowers. In this role bumble bees contribute significantly towards biodiversity.

By introducing a live bumblebee colony into your local environment alongside existing ecological management areas and gardens, you can help to support their conservation and mitigate population declines.

The colony colony of native Bombus terristris audax is supplied in a self contained box hive. It requires no maintenance and is easy to put in place. Each year simply order a new colony as this colony has a summer life cycle of around 2–3 months. The live colony is available from May through to July.

Beepol Live Bumblebee Colony - available from Beepol Live Bumblebee Colony - available from Beepol Live Bumblebee Colony - available from

For further information on the Beepol Live Bumblebee Colony, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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