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Vivara Pro Almodovar Medium Wooden Bat Box

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These bat boxes are made of FSC Plywood and are divided into two sections and provide space for a greater number of bats.

Suitable for a range of species including the brown long-eared bat and the pipistrelle.

Box Specifications
Height (cm) Width (cm) Length (cm)
57 42.5 13

Many species of bats are in decline due to loss of habitat, but you can help combat this by providing additional roosting spaces in the form of bat boxes.

It can take a while for bats to take up residence in a new bat box. As a general rule if it hasn't been used after three years, try relocating it.

For the best results site your bat box:

  • In a sturdy tree or building where bats have been seen or are known to feed.
  • In a sheltered area, ideally south or southwest facing to ensure it is exposed to direct sunlight through the day.
  • Near a wet area such as a pond, which attracts insects and also provides a water source.

  • Supporting Biodiversity

    We recommend using these bat boxes in conjunction with Insect & Bird attracting Wildflowers. You can purchase in confidence knowing that each wildflower seeds mixture in our range will produce a vast array of colourful wildflowers to attract insects, and a large amount of seeds to attract birds.

    For further information on the Almodovar Medium Wooden Bat Box, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917

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