Viano Universal Lawn Feed 9-3-3 +3MgO

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Viano Universal Lawn Feed has effective ingredients of nitrogen, phosphate and potash + magnesium of 9-3-3 + 3MgO. This fertiliser is ideal for keeping your lawn healthy and green throughout the growing season, giving you the perfect lawn for your family to enjoy.

When to use?
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Endorsed by RHS - Royal Horticultural Society

Key benefits

  • Ideal for keeping your lawn healthy throughout the growing season
  • Contains magnesium to keep your lawn a vivid green colour
  • Use in spring and summer
  • Organic nutrients are released over time, providing a consistent feed over 12 weeks

Organic fertilisers such as the Universal Lawn Feed are made from a variety of naturally occurring materials. These natural materials all release their nutrients after different periods of time, giving your lawn a consistent feed over a twelve week period. The added magnesium in this fertiliser produces vivid green colours.

Application time* Destroys moss? Consumes thatch? Release time Application Coverage
March - August No No 3 months slow release Granular 400 m2

*Months for application are approximate as seasons vary from year to year. They are also dependant on where you are in the country.

For further information on Viano Universal Lawn Feed, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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197820 Viano Universal Lawn Feed 9-3-3 +3MgO Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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