Tricoflex Hose Pipe 25m Coil

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Width: 12.5mm (½ inch)
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High quality production from virgin materials ensure a guaranteed performance to the technical specification and worldwide reputation enjoyed by this product for many years.

  • Yellow hard wearing UV stabilised cover.
  • Knitted reinforcement to give high pressure specification and excellent flexibility.
  • Intermediate PVC layer to give kink - crush resistance.
  • Smooth inner PVC lining to give best flow characteristic.

Why Tricoflex?

Tricoflex hoses are multilayered, high quality, and very efficient hoses. The yellow outer coat is made of very resistant PVC, which is ultra UV resistant. The PVC allows the hose to be strong yet flexible, making it perfect for work environments. It can withstand being bent, crushed, and stretched, while still maintaining an even flow of pressured water through the hose and for irrigation equipment.

Tricoflex hoses also have protection so that they retain their flexibility with age, and can go up to 60°C down to -15°C.

  • 12.5mm (½ inch) has a 12 Bar Rating
  • 15mm (⅝ inch) has an 11 Bar Rating
  • 19mm (¾ inch) has a 9 Bar Rating
  • 25mm (1 inch) has an 8 Bar Rating
  • 30mm (1¼ inch) has an 8 Bar Rating
  • 40mm (1½ inch) has an 8 Bar Rating
  • 50mm (2 inch) has an 8 Bar Rating

Tricoflex - Genuine Tricoflex Hose produced by HOZELOCK TRICOFLEX as part of their comprehensive range of technical, watering and irrigation hoses sets the standards for the professional irrigation hose perfect for stadiums, landscape projects, sport turf, and more.

Tricoflex hoses are designed especially for professional use to give long, trouble free service wherever water is needed. They are ideally suitable for farm and industrial applications.

For more information on this product, please contact our Technical Sales Team on 01952 897917.

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