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Spot On Pro Weed and Moss Killer is a fast working, glyphosate-free, non-selective herbicide which can be used to control all unwanted grasses, broadleaved weeds and mosses on hard surfaces, natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation and permeable surfaces overlying soil. Spot On Pro Weed and Moss Killer can be used at a rate of 25 ml/m2 up to six times per year.

Made from acetic acid, Spot On Pro Weed and Moss Killer causes plant cell membranes to break down resulting in a rapid burn down effect after application. Spot On Pro Weed and Moss Killer breaks down rapidly in the soil, leaving no residual effect once weeds have died back. When used on small weeds within 2 weeks of germination, complete control can be expected within 24 hours. On established perennial weeds and grasses repeat applications may be required. Spot On Pro also offers excellent control of mosses, particularly on hard surfaces.

Spot On Pro Weed and Moss Killer is an ideal glyphosate-free herbicide providing rapid control of weeds and mosses throughout the year. Spot On is based on natural ingredients which will biodegrade on soil contact. It is recommended for use by Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) for control of liverwort and can be used around the base of roses, trees and under established hedges.

Spot On Pro Weed and Moss Killer benefits

  • Can be used all year round
  • Approved for use on hard surfaces
  • Fast acting
  • Controls broad leaved weeds, grasses AND moss 

Product Overview

Product type


Product Name

Spot On Pro Weed and Moss Killer



Active Substances

Acetic acid


Soluble concentrate

Areas of Use

Hard surfaces, Natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, permeable surfaces overlying soil





Mode of Action Group

Physical action

When to use

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Instructions for use

Where to use:

Spot On Pro Weed and Moss Killer can be used on hard and permeable surfaces in areas such as paths, roads, playgrounds and parks, churchyards, industrial sites, fence lines and similar:

  • Hard surfaces: Any artificial impermeable surface, such as concrete or asphalt that is not intended to bear vegetation
  • Natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation: Areas of soil or natural outcroppings of rock that are not intended to bear vegetation
  • Permeable surfaces overlying soil: Any artificial permeable surface such as gravel that overlies soil and is not intended to bear vegetation

When to use:

Spot On Pro can be used all year round, whenever weeds or mosses are visibly present on hard, permeable or natural surfaces.

How to use:

Spot On Pro Weed and Moss Killer should be applied using handheld application equipment such as a knapsack sprayer using a nozzle with a coarse spray quality . Because Spot On Pro Weed and Moss Killer is a contact acting herbicide it is important that leaves and stems are fully wetted to ensure a good level of control. Small weeds within 2 weeks of germination should be fully controlled within 24 hours of application. However, established perennial weeds may require repeat applications. For good control of mosses, ensure the surface is dry, repeat applications may be required if moss growth is thick.

Application rate

Water rate

Pack size

Pack coverage

25 ml/m2

75 ml/m2

5 L

200 m2

  • Before spraying ensure that the spraying equipment has been thoroughly cleaned
  • Half fill the spray tank with clean water
  • Add the required quantity of Spot On Pro Weed and Moss Killer through the filter
  • Top up with the remaining water and agitate to ensure thorough mixing
  • If required, repeat treatment after a period of seven days or more

Additional information:

  • Spot On Pro Weed and Moss Killer can be safely used close to or around trees, shrubs and other plants as long as the spray is not allowed to come into contact with the plant.
  • A minimum interval of 7 days must be observed between applications
  • Applications must not be made via tractor mounted horizontal boom sprayers
  • Direct spray from applications using hand held sprayers must not be allowed be allowed to fall within 1 m of the top of the bank of any water body
  • Avoid contact with non-target plants

For further information on Spot On Pro Weed and Moss Killer, please contact a member of our team on 01952 641949.


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Technical Information

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219696 5L Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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