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Product Overview
Common Use Residual Herbicides
Applicator Knapsack/Boom Mounted
Technology Swirl
Spray Angle 80°
Pattern Full Cone
Pressure Range 1 - 10 Bar

Solid cone nozzles are suitable for application of residual herbicides and systemic insecticides using a knapsack or boom mounted or for spot applications of herbicides. They produce a full cone spray pattern with coarse droplets at a pressure of 1 - 10 bar.

Solid cone nozzles produce a course droplet size which makes them suited to application of soil acting or residual herbicides and for spot spraying herbicides. The full cone pattern gives excellent coverage and the coarse droplets mean that the spray is not prone to drift.

Full Solid Cone Nozzle Spray Pattern - Circular Pattern with Coarse Droplets Circular Pattern with Coarse Droplets

Solid Cone Nozzle Details

Nozzle Size Use Application Equipment Spray Angle Pressure (Bar) Droplet Size Flow Rate (L/m) Application Rate (L/ha)
30FCX02 Residual Herbicides, Spot Treatment Herbicides, Insecticides & Fungicides Knapsack 80° 1 Coarse 0.7 59
5 Coarse 1.7 132
10 Coarse 2.3 187

  • Droplet size and flow rate stated at 1 bar pressure.
  • Application rate for nozzle sizes stated at 15 km/hour forward speed.

For further information on Solid Cones Nozzles, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917

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