Blooming Brilliant Rose Food Fertiliser 5:5:10 + 0.6Fe + 0.6Mg 25kg

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TE Rose Food Fertiliser 5:5:10 + 0.6Fe + 0.6Mg 25kg

A granular fertiliser to promote strong roots, healthy stems and fine blooms. Suitable for Horticultural use, Trees and Ornamental Plants and ideal for rose production.

Phosphorus (P) – Important for root development, flowering, fruit ripening, photosynthesis, plant respiration and general plant growth.

Potassium (K) – Highly mobile throughout the plant transporting sugars and fibres for plant strength. Also aids disease and insect resistance, contributes to plant flowering, and is important in leaves regulating water loss increasing drought resistance and in growing points.

Magnesium (Mg) – Mobile throughout the plant, it is involved with chlorophyll production, contributes to seed maturation and sprouting. In addition, it helps build cell walls and assists the plant in absorbing Phosphorus, Sulphur and Nitrogen.

Application information

Application Rate
35 - 75 g/m2
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

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