ReRoot 600 Root Barrier

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Ideal for protection of paved surfaces, shallow service ducts and utilities. Can also be used to surround individual or groups of trees.

ReRoot ribbed root barrier is the only roll form root barrier with integral root deflecting ribs which encourages tree root systems to grow downwards. By the time the roots reach the bottom of the barrier they are sufficiently deep to be below the level at which they can disturb the surround. Deeper roots also mean that the tree is more securely anchored and better able to withstand periods of drought.

Although ReRoot has been designed to be rigid and strong it is very flexible and can curve around obstacles easily. Supplied in roll form to any 10 liner metre increment the barrier is easy to install and has no need for specialist tools or equipment.

Please Note: Can only be ordered in multiples of 10 linear metre length rolls, 0.6 m deep.

For further information regarding our ReRoot 600 Root Barrier, contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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