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Qualibra is an exciting concept in wetting agent technology. Qualibra's unique technology allows water to move away from the surface as quickly as possible and distributes the water more evenly at greater depths to allow more efficient use by the roots of turf plants.

Key benefits of Qualibra include

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  • Maintain a high quality playing surface by ensuring plant health.
  • Preserve strong, healthy roots.
  • Prevent destructive dry patch from developing in turf.
  • Allows for optimal use of irrigation.

Qualibra is a giant leap forward in water management technology, aiding turf managers in constantly creating better quality turf that will enhance the playing experience.

What makes Qualibra a more effective wetting agent?

Qualibra combines a unique and dynamic penetrant to move moisture, with a powerful polymer to hold moisture. Most current wetting agents are either just a penetrant type - with small molecules designed to move water away from the surface quickly, but not hold it - or large molecule block co-polymers, which hold water effectively but are not so effective at moving and distributing it through the root zone.

Qualibra has been designed with the ability to quickly move water away from the surface - to retain firm playing surfaces - then hold moisture deeper and more evenly in the root zone to prevent dry patch forming and invigorate root and plant health.

Application Rates & Information

When to apply: Application of Qualibra can begin in March. Apply before any signs of Dry Patch of hydrophobic soil effects are apparent.

Frequency of applications: Qualibra produces optimal effects when applied every four to six weeks.

Application rate: Apply at a rate of 20 l/ha in a water volume of 400-1000 litres per hectare.

When possible, apply 2-3 mm of irrigation after applying Qualibra.

Bulk Requirement? Please contact us on 01952 897917 to enquire about Qualibra in 500L.

For further information regarding Qualibra Wetting Agent or to discuss placing a bulk order, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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