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PYRETHRUM 5EC is an emulsifiable concentrate prepared from pyrethrum – nature’s own rapid-acting insecticide. PYRETHRUM 5EC controls beetles, aphids, blackfly, greenfly, caterpillars and white fly on organic flowers, fruit, and vegetables. For use on protected crops (aubergine, squash, cucumber, courgette, pepper chilli, tomato) throughout the season.

Whilst dried Chrysanthemum flowers (chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium) have been available in Europe for 150 years and were sold in most chemist shops for flea and louse control, liquid concentrates containing extracts from this flower miscible with water and suitable for spray application to crops had not been registered for use by the Pesticides Safety Directorate until now.

Through the efforts of the Friends of Pyrethrum organisation a formulation using this natural insecticide is now registered and is suitable for use in Organic and non-organic farming, it kills insect pests quickly without leaving any toxic residuals. Approval by PSD and the Soil Association's approval of Pyrethrins now means that Pyrethrum 5EC is available for immediate control of Aphids, Blackfly, Greenfly, Whitefly,Thrips, Springtails, Caterpillars, Moths, red spider mite, Beetles and many other pest insects.

Pyrethrum 5EC has a wide range of contact action (non-systemic) against the majority of insect pests. Because of its very short persistence and low toxicity crops can be harvested 24 hours after application.

Pack Sizes Available:

  • 1Litre
  • 250ml

Application Information

Application Rate:

  • Organic media grown plants 2.4L per hectare
  • Soil grown plants 1.1L per hectare

For advice or further information on Pyrethrum 5EC 1L, speak to a technical sales advisor on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

SKU Product File
190324 0.25L Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
8459 1L Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
8459 1L Product Label (PDF)

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