MicroWipe Weed Wipe

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The product offers a simple, safe, and economical means of WeedWipe in Actionspot treating weeds. Ideal for use in areas that have a localised weed problem and in situations where using conventional spray equipment may be difficult or hazardous or subject to preventative legislation.

The all-plastic construction consists of a reservoir inside the handle that transfers the herbicide by gravity to a nylon-rope wick. The weed wipe will hold 400ml of chemical, which is visible via the transparent PVC handle. The head unit for the product is 203mm in width.

The wick absorbs the herbicide, transferring, with a simple 'wipe', a small dose to the target vegetation. The MicroWipe has no moving parts and will not suffer from corrosion.

A Viton seal protects the operator from any leakage. At the end of use the operator simply has to wash out the handle and hose down the rope-wick to remove herbicide residues and any debris.


  • EFFICIENCY - Quick and easy to use. Simply 'wipe' the glyphosate herbicide onto the target vegetation leaving valued plants unaffected.
  • ECONOMY - Inexpensive to purchase, eliminates chemical waste, and reduces operator fatigue.
  • FLEXIBILITY - Lightweight, easy and safe to carry around, ready for immediate use, and discreet.
  • SAFETY - Reduces chemical contamination, eliminates spray drift, and decreases risk to operators.

The MicroWipe is an ideal substitute to conventional means of spot treating weeds and grasses in row crops, soft fruit, vine plantations, around tree plantings, fence lines, path edges, shrub beds, golf bunker surrounds, and in cemeteries, etc. The MicroWipe is also an ideal applicator in gardens and allotments.

If you require any further information regarding the MicroWipe Weed Wipe, contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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