Mankar Roll Two Flex ULV Sprayer

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Width: 70 - 110cm
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Technical Data
No. of Atomisers 2
Metering Wheel-driven Pump
Tank Volume 1 litre
Surface Coverage Up to 1 ha
Battery Life 8 hours
Weight 24 kgs

MANKAR-TWO Flex Sprayer

Designed as an efficient ultra low volume (ULV) solution to treating weeds in commercial nursery and amenity spraying. ULV technology dramatically reduces the overall volume of pesticide and water required compared to conventional spraying methods and helps end users to conform with the European Sustainable Use Directive.

Thanks to the spring mounted deflecting spray hoods MANKAR Roll sprayers are perfect for spraying in-between rows of commercial nursery stock, such as vineyards, Christmas trees, flowers, as well as paths for Local Authorities, and many more areas where fast efficient pedestrian spraying of total weed killers is required.

The new MANKAR-TWO models have a wheel-driven pump, so that metering is dependent on the distance travelled (path-dependent) and not on the speed of forward motion. In contrast to the previous MANKAR-Roll sprayers, the new models have a one size slim wheel of 53 cm, which is also suited to rough surfaces but nevertheless keeps the sprayer small and agile.

Spray Hoods

All spray hoods are shaped so that, for example, drooping branches glide perfectly and without risk to the crop, over the spray hood. This folding mechanism and thus the spray width, can be fixed if the flex-mechanism is not wanted, e.g. because the spray hood should push away branches instead of dodging them.

The MANKAR-TWO models have two spray hoods, each with one atomiser, which can be mounted side by side in front of or behind the wheel, as can be seen on the diagram opposite. These hoods prevent drift due to wind. The Flex 80 has a spray hood width of 60 - 80 cm and the Flex 110 has a spray hood width of 70 - 110 cm, as can be selected from the drop down menu above the prices displayed.

LED Function Indicator

They have an electronic battery and atomiser monitoring function via an LED indicator. The LED glows green if the sprayer is operating correctly, if the battery has to be recharged it glows yellow and a red glowing LED means that the function of the atomiser has to be checked and – if necessary – recovered. The flow control enables a visual check of whether the flowrate of herbicide is correct.

Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

The core element of all MANKAR® ULV spraying systems is the segment rotation atomiser patented by Mantis. ULV stands for "ultra low volume", meaning that a particularly small quantity of herbicide is necessary, a development of Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) technology. Contrary to conventional spraying processes, smaller sized, uniform liquid droplets can be generated and adapted to the area of application. Using a very narrow size spectrum of approximately 150 µ, a defined volume of liquid is conveyed via pump to the segment rotary atomiser, spraying vertically downwards in an adjustable width. Due to this system, herbicides can be applied undiluted, without pressure, ensuring they are applied to the precise location required. The spray width can be variably adjusted at the atomiser from 10 to 55 cm so, depending on the application, spraying units can be adapted precisely to the width desired.

For any further information on the MANKAR-TWO Flex Spreader, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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