Vivara Pro Madrid Swift Nest Box

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Swift numbers are declining severely, in part because of the loss of nest sites. By putting up nest boxes you can make a long term contribution to the species’ conservation.

Once established they are very site faithful and make delightful but unobtrusive summer guests. There is an opening at the back of the box for easy cleaning, and the nest entrance is on the underside. In our tests the Swifts preferred this sort of entrance, but Starlings and House Sparrows were discouraged from occupying the box.

Swifts use the eaves of our homes as a replacement for the rockfaces and cliffs in which they would naturally nest. Nest boxes should be placed near the eaves at least 5 metres high in a spot that is sheltered from direct sunlight and has a clear flightpath.


Decide where the nest box will be sited, and then fix the metal bracket to the wall. The nest box then just slides over the bracket holding it firmly. This also makes it easier to mount a camera in this box as there is a sizeable hole in the back where the plate fixes. Hang the nest boxes preferably directly under a roof overhang or gutter. Hanging a number of boxes together is an advantage as swifts nest together as a colony. Ensure the nest box is not pointing into direct sunlight. No nesting material needs to be added.


Swifts are very clean so the box does not need cleaning unless it has been used by other species. Periodically check the fixings to ensure they are still firmly attached.

Supporting Biodiversity

We recommend using these bird boxes in conjunction with Insect & Bird attracting Wildflowers. You can purchase in confidence knowing that each wildflower seeds mixture in our range will produce a vast array of colourful wildflowers to attract insects, and a large amount of seeds to attract birds.

For further information on the Madrid Swift Nest Box, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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