John Innes No.1 Sowing Compost 25 L

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John Innes No.1 is a loam based sowing compost containing all essential nutrition and trace elements needed for healthy germination and seedling development. The carefully balanced nutrient content, is highly suitable for most young plant species.

Product Nutrition Level Plant Types
John Innes No.1 Carefully Balanced Potting young seedlings, plug plants, pricking out, rooted cuttings, and sensitive plant species.
John Innes No.2 Medium - 2 x John Innes No.1 Most vegetable plants, plug plants, flowers, and established house plants.
John Innes No.3 High - Extra Rich Blend Final potting-on a wide range of plants, vegetable and flower beds, as well as use in indoor and outdoor pots, tubs, baskets, and containers.

What is John Innes Compost made of?

Loam - Loam compromises the main body of John Innes compost. The loam aborbs nutrients in order to slowly release them to the plant as required. Organic matter is also contained within the loam; this provides slow release exchange sites for nutrition, promoting slow release of fertiliser to the plant.

b>Peat - Sphagnum Moss Peat contained within John Innes compost increases porosity, providing improved aeration and water-retaining capacity. Over time, peat decomposes slowly into humus.

Sand - Coarse sand helps to improve drainage by allowing excess water to infiltrate through the compost, preventing water-logging. Sand also helps to provide stability for larger plants.

Fertiliser - The compound fertiliser contained within John Innes compost provides macronutrients necessary for balanced plant growth:

  • (N) Nitrogren to facilitate healthy growth of leaves, stems, and roots, as well as stimulate chlorophyll production, supporting photosynthesis.
  • (P) Phosphorous to promote healthy roots, flower blooming and fruit growth through the processing of organic compounds and energy reactions.
  • (K) Potassium to assist water regulation and help maintain turgor pressure of the cells, increasing structural strength thereby helping to keep the plant from wilting. Potassium also supports metabolic regulation, photosynthesis, enzyme activation, and carbohydrate metabolisation.

For further information regarding John Innes No.1 Sowing Compost 25 L, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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