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Instrata Elite Two Way Activity

Now approved for Microdochium control in the UK, Instrata Elite combines the new active ingredient, difenoconazole, with the outstanding performance of fludioxonil.

Together, the complementary actives target different stages of disease life cycles for flexible application timing and reliable results.

Modes of action of Instrata Elite

Active Ingredients: a suspension concentrate formulation containing 80.3 g/l fludioxonil and 80.3 g/l difenoconazole.

Instrata Elite contains a powerful combination of curative and contact, plus systemic properties, for reliable turf protection outside and in the plant.

More Than a Contact

With Instrata Elite you get Syngenta's proven contact activity - targeting spores in the thatch and at the soil surface, as well as on the leaf. That can quickly reduce disease pressure during high risk periods.

Instrata Elite can not only be taken up by leaves and the crown, but also by the roots. So any active applied that finds its way to the rootzone can be taken up and is not lost.

Crucially, with Instrata Elite safely locked onto the leaf wax within 30 minutes of application, it is unaffected by rain or irrigation wash-off ensuring reliable results.

Instrata Elite General Information

Instrata Elite Fungicide Targets

  • Disease spores before they can germinate
  • Disease hyphae on the surface to stop infection getting into the leaf
  • Disease mycelia inside the leaf to stop disease development

Furthermore, Instrata Elite achieved the outstanding performance from only 480 g/ha of active ingredient per hectare, compared to 5000 g/ha of active loading with iprodione. Instrata Elite had passed all environmental assessment tests through the approval process.

Instrata Elite Lock and Flow Protection
Instrata Elite Rainfast Protection

Syngenta UK Business Manager, Daniel Lightfoot (below), believes Instrata Elite will fit perfectly into a proactive fungicide programme. “It can be used throughout the year,” he said, “but the research and user trials experience indicate its unique properties and strengths typically match the demands for disease control from mid to late autumn and through early spring.”

He advises that for best protection of turf quality, Instrata Elite should be applied before visible symptoms are evident, through to first signs of infection. “Optimum timing will prevent disease infection getting into the leaf,” advised Daniel. “But with Instrata Elite, there is still the chance for curative activity on mycelium in the leaf, to stop disease before visible damage is done and to minimise stress on the plant."

“The advantages of Instrata Elite and the introduction of a new fungicide active for turf means it will have an integral role in every fungicide programme,” he said. “It will have a crucial function in an Integrated Turf Management approach to deliver sustainable long-term improvements in turf quality.”

Instrata Elite Application Details

Application Rate: 3 L/ha
Instrata Elite Application Rate Table

Instrata Elite Product Video

For more information on Instrata Elite, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917

Technical Information

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173180 Instrata Elite Turf Disease Control 3 L Product Brochure (PDF)

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