Heritage Maxx Turf Disease Control

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Mapp no. 18246

Active Ingredient: 95 g/L azoxystrobin

The origins of Heritage Maxx lie in the natural fungicides produced by wood-rotting fungi found on the forest floor. Heritage Maxx harnesses the power of these to produce a truly broad-spectrum product. The result is an incredibly powerful fungicide, yet one which is extremely gentle to turf.

Heritage Maxx is the only systemic strobilurin fungicide which effectively protects turf as it grows, combatting disease infection from within. This true systemic movement works in all conditions and does not rely on rain or air redistribution to reach new parts.

Now featuring the unrivalled Syngenta MAXX formulation technology, Heritage Maxx has taken the world's top selling fungicide active ingredient, azoxystrobin, to a new level to consistently deliver exceptional turf quality!

Heritage Maxx provides control of:

Fusarium Patch Take-all Patch Anthracnose Brown Patch Leaf Spot Rust Diseases Type Two Fairy Rings
Fusarium Patch controlled by Heritage Maxx Take-all Patch controlled by Heritage Maxx Anthracnose controlled by  Heritage Maxx Brown Patch controlled by Heritage Maxx Leaf Spot controlled by Heritage Maxx Rust Diseases controlled by Heritage Maxx Type Two Fairy Rings controlled by Heritage Maxx

Key Features

  • One of the longest-lasting fungicides and lowest rates of use on the market
  • Excellent environmental profile
  • Quickly rainfast
  • Low risk toxicological profile
  • Protects emerging leaves that were not present during the initial application
  • Handy 100g container with measure for small area treatment
  • Contact action with systemic and translaminar movement
  • Can be applied with all types of turf sprayer
  • Exceptional easy-to-use Maxx formualtion
  • Faster and more complete uptake by leaf and root
  • AI recycling gives long lasting effects
  • New Take-all Patch control registration
  • Only approved product for control of Take-All Patch in the UK
  • Unrivalled control of Fusarium Patch disease
  • New research from STRI has shown that Heritage can control Fairy Ring when used in conjunction with ICL wetting agent

Application Information

Pack Size: 3 L

Pack Coverage: 3 L/1.2 ha

For further information regarding Heritage Maxx Turf Disease control, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917

Technical Information

SKU Product File
10940 Heritage Maxx Turf Disease Control Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
10940 Heritage Maxx Turf Disease Control Product Label (PDF)
10940 Heritage Maxx Turf Disease Control Technical Information Sheet (PDF)

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